Materials You Need to Bring and What We Will supply

First and foremost, bring your enthusiasm for hard work.

And you will need to bring the following art supplies:

Oil Paint* - any professional brand - except where noted:

(ONLY professional, NOT student brands.)

Yellow Ochre-pale------(Winsor & Newton)
Cadmium Orange--------(Winsor & Newton)
Raw Sienna---------------(Winsor & Newton)
Burnt Sienna--------------(Winsor & Newton) 
Raw Umber---------------(Winsor & Newton)
 Burnt Umber--------------(Winsor & Newton)
Alizarin crimson--------------------------------
 Olive green----------------------------------------
French Ultamarine Blue-----------------------
Prussian Blue------------------------------------
Ivory Black---------------------------------------
Permalba White--------------------------------
Venetian red (only for portrait class)--------

Gamlin's Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (which can be found at Dick Blick or any large art stores--it is much less  toxic than other thinners. If you are flying, we will provide.)

Damar Varnish 4 oz #952

Grumbacher--Sun thickened linseed oil (2.5 ounce bottle)

FORMULA FOR THE CLASS PAINTING MEDIUM (made from ingredients above)
1 part sun thickened linseed oil
1 part Damar varnish
1 part Gamsol mineral spirits
Mix oil and varnish and then add thinner - a little at a time while stirring. Keep in small glass bottle with a dropper.

Two palette cups (separate - not attached)

A palette knife (Winsor & Newton #23 -- or its equivalent in size and shape.)

A brown or sepia “Sharpie” pen - fine point

Also, three hardware store inexpensive “chip brushes” a 1”, 1 1/2” 

Signet Robert Simmons: Bristle Filbert No BO6647 Sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Blick Masterstroke: filbert series, #05458 Sizes 2,4,6

If you have have other good brushes that you like, bring them along. We especially like filberts. 

We recommend bringing a small camera to record the various stages of your picture as you progress. This will prove helpful when you return home.


An easel and glass palette

A painting surface we have prepared according to the requirements of our method.

All subject matter for your painting.

IF you are flying and can't bring your own we will provide the non toxic thinner and medium.