Materials You Need to Bring and What We Will supply

First and foremost, bring your enthusiasm for hard work.

And you will need to bring the following art supplies:

Oil Paint* - any professional brand - except where noted:

Yellow Ochre-pale------(Winsor & Newton)
Cadmium Orange--------(Winsor & Newton)
Raw Sienna---------------(Winsor & Newton)
Burnt Sienna--------------(Winsor & Newton) 
Raw Umber---------------(Winsor & Newton)
 Burnt Umber--------------(Winsor & Newton)
Alizarin crimson--------------------------------
 Olive green----------------------------------------
French Ultamarine Blue-----------------------
Prussian Blue------------------------------------
Ivory Black---------------------------------------
Permalba White--------------------------------
Venetian red (only for portrait class)--------

(*PLEASE bring only professional, NOT student brands.)

Gambol Odorless Mineral Spirits (which can be found at Dick Blick or large art stores--it is much less  toxic than other thinners. If you are flying, we will provide.)

Damar Varnish 4 oz #952

Grumbacher--Sun thickened linseed oil (2.5 ounce bottle)

FORMULA FOR THE CLASS PAINTING MEDIUM (made from ingredients above)
1 part sun thickened linseed oil
1 part Damar varnish
1 part mineral spirits
Mix oil and varnish and then add thinner - a little at a time while stirring. Keep in small glass bottle with a dropper.

Two palette cups (separate - not attached)

A palette knife (Winsor & Newton #23 -- or its equivalent in size and shape.)

A brown or sepia “Sharpie” pen - fine point

Also, three hardware store inexpensive “chip brushes” a 1”, 1 1/2” 

Signet Robert Simmons: Bristle Filbert No BO6647 Sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Utrecht Manglon Synthetic: Filbert No BO4627 Sizes 2, 4, 6

If you have have other good brushes that you like, bring them along. We especially like filberts. 

We recommend bringing a small camera to record the various stages of your picture as 
you progress. This will prove helpful when you return home.


An easel and glass palette

A painting surface we have prepared according to the requirements of our method.

All subject matter for your painting

Eco-House thinner and non toxic medium- (IF you are flying and can't bring your own)