Ongoing Weekly Classes

January through December 
Hancock, New Hampshire

Intensive instruction with two instructors and adapted to individual student's needs. All levels  are accepted --including professionals who are looking for a more classical approach.


These classes are designed to provide students with concrete and practical answers to their questions regarding painting procedure. What is the "limited palette" and how to organize the colors; how to tone the canvas when starting apainting; and how to proceed with your work, step by step from beginning to end. All these questions are answered, but more importantly, students are shown how the techniques grow directly out of  a knowledge of light, color, form and composition.

If alternative techniques are suggested,
students are shown how they lead to the same end. Nothing is left to guess-work, but because these instructions are based on understanding, students are given the tools which allow them to develop a personal technique when the time comes. The student’s abilities are quickly enhanced and they experience what it is to work within an organized system. 

These classes can be of immense benefit to both beginning and advanced students. Fee: $84 per class. There is a six week commitment required for new students.
Call us for more information. (603-525-4668)