Numael and Shirley Pulido

Dear Friends,

It is with great regret that we must give you the news of Numael Pulido's passing.  He died peacefully in his sleep on January 7th, 2022.

We are hoping to have a celebration of life gathering for Numael and also Shirley in the spring.

With much love, 

Friends of Numael

Pulido Studio Workshops

October 5 thru 12, 2020

Numael and Shirley Pulido are teaching an intensive five-day
workshop on Classical Realism, ideal for artists looking for a unified approach to 
picture-making and oil painting technique. It is applicable to all levels, including professional painters who are looking for a more orderly approach.

The Workshop is limited to eleven students, which allows for maximum personal instruction with two teachers. Each student will start a still life, (or portrait, depending which date), with the same instruction and advance according to his or her own level of experience. 

Some time will be devoted to advice for doing more effective set-ups for either still life or portrait painting. This is a workshop that provides the student with a great amount of procedural information including use of the limited palette, as well as time-tested principles that allow the natural talents of the student to become more accessible.

Classes will begin Monday (morning class will be from 9-12. There will then be an hour break for lunch and class will resume from 1-4.) 

The price of the course is $750 plus a $35 materials fee including prepared painting surfaces and non-toxic medium and thinner.

Some examples of our work can be seen below:

Double click on image to enlarge

Keeper,  oil by Numael Pulido

Makoto, oil by Numael Pulido

Christopher,  oil by Numael Pulido

Shannon, oil by Numael Pulido

Still Life (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Paris Studio, oil by Shirley Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Paris Studio, oil, by Shirley Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Still Life by Numael Pulido

Still life by Numael Pulido

Still life by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

Portrait by Numael Pulido

 Flowers Still life (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Flowers Still life (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Portrait (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Animal Portrait (oil) by Shirley Pulido

Portrait (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Animal Portrait (oil) by Shirley Pulido

Portrait (pastel) by Shirley Pulido

Portrait detail (pastel)by Shirley Pulido

Landscape (oil) by Shirley Pulido

Landscape (oil) by Shirley Pulido

Below is New Hampshire's beautiful and oldest inn; it is just around the corner from our studio.
Good lunches are a three minute walk to town center.
And Peterborough is a cultured and elegant town, 7 miles down the road from Hancock for relaxed evenings.

Accommodations are abundant in the area. New Hampshire's oldest, and most beautiful inn is right in town.
The Manchester, NH. airport is 45 minutes from Hancock and the Pulido Studio is located at #6 Forest Rd.(Rte 123), Hancock, NH.
We urge anyone considering this workshop to call so that we can discuss in further detail any of the above, making sure it will be right for your needs. Several Hancock people are offering a room in their private residence at a very modest price.
Hancock has its own beautiful lake right in town--with beach. Bring a swim suit!

Emails are fine, but we would also like to establish contact by phone if you are planning to come.


Call: (603-525-4668)
PO Box 235, Hancock, NH. 03449

Materials You Need to Bring and What We Will supply

First and foremost, bring your enthusiasm for hard work.

And you will need to bring the following art supplies:

Oil Paint* - any professional brand - except where noted:

(ONLY professional, NOT student brands.)

Yellow Ochre-pale------(Winsor & Newton)
Cadmium Orange--------(Winsor & Newton)
Raw Sienna---------------(Winsor & Newton)
Burnt Sienna--------------(Winsor & Newton) 
Raw Umber---------------(Winsor & Newton)
 Burnt Umber--------------(Winsor & Newton)
Alizarin crimson--------------------------------
 Olive green----------------------------------------
French Ultamarine Blue-----------------------
Prussian Blue------------------------------------
Ivory Black---------------------------------------
Permalba White--------------------------------
Venetian red (only for portrait class)--------

Gamlin's Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (which can be found at Dick Blick or any large art stores--it is much less  toxic than other thinners. If you are flying, we will provide.)

Damar Varnish 4 oz #952

Grumbacher--Sun thickened linseed oil (2.5 ounce bottle)

FORMULA FOR THE CLASS PAINTING MEDIUM (made from ingredients above)
1 part sun thickened linseed oil
1 part Damar varnish
1 part Gamsol mineral spirits
Mix oil and varnish and then add thinner - a little at a time while stirring. Keep in small glass bottle with a dropper.

Two palette cups (separate - not attached)

A palette knife (Winsor & Newton #23 -- or its equivalent in size and shape.)

A brown or sepia “Sharpie” pen - fine point

Also, three hardware store inexpensive “chip brushes” a 1”, 1 1/2” 

Signet Robert Simmons: Bristle Filbert No BO6647 Sizes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Blick Masterstroke: filbert series, #05458 Sizes 2,4,6

If you have have other good brushes that you like, bring them along. We especially like filberts. 

We recommend bringing a small camera to record the various stages of your picture as you progress. This will prove helpful when you return home.


An easel and glass palette

A painting surface we have prepared according to the requirements of our method.

All subject matter for your painting.

IF you are flying and can't bring your own we will provide the non toxic thinner and medium.

Ongoing Weekly Classes

January through December 
Hancock, New Hampshire

Intensive instruction with two instructors and adapted to individual student's needs. All levels  are accepted --including professionals who are looking for a more classical approach.


These classes are designed to provide students with concrete and practical answers to their questions regarding painting procedure. What is the "limited palette" and how to organize the colors; how to tone the canvas when starting apainting; and how to proceed with your work, step by step from beginning to end. All these questions are answered, but more importantly, students are shown how the techniques grow directly out of  a knowledge of light, color, form and composition.

If alternative techniques are suggested,
students are shown how they lead to the same end. Nothing is left to guess-work, but because these instructions are based on understanding, students are given the tools which allow them to develop a personal technique when the time comes. The student’s abilities are quickly enhanced and they experience what it is to work within an organized system. 

These classes can be of immense benefit to both beginning and advanced students. Fee: $84 per class. There is a six week commitment required for new students.
Call us for more information. (603-525-4668)

About Numael Pulido

Portrait of Numael by former student Kelly Carmody

Numael Pulido was born in Colombia, South America in 1939. He came the United States in 1958 to study painting and enrolled at the Art Student's League where he studied with George Gross and Frank Mason. While still a student he won the SJ Wallace prize at the National Academy of Design and was subsequently represented by the Bernard Black Gallery.

As early as 1970 he withdrew from the gallery world and moved to New Hampshire, feeling the need to acquire further freedom of technique, that which is so evident in the work of the Classical Masters. Here he commenced to experiment in depth with the techniques of oil painting.

In the mid 80's, he moved to England and resumed his professional career, exhibiting at the Royal Academy in London; he was represented by the John Noote Galleries in Worcestershire for the duration of his stay in England.

In 1989, he returned and settled permanently in the United States to paint and teach in Hancock, NH. where he has introduced many now recognized artists to the principles of Classical Painting. His portraiture is represented by the Vose Galleries in Boston, Ma.

Numael Pulido's portraits can be found in numerous private collections in this country and in Europe, as well as in prestigious institutions, including The American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass., Exeter Academy, NH., Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston Mass., Franklin Pierce College, NH. and Merrimack College, Andover Mass.

About Shirley Pulido

A portrait of Shirley by Numael Pulido

Shirley Pulido, born Shirley Burke, Rochester New York, attended Syracuse University, The University of Rochester, The Brooklyn Museum Art School and Cooper Union.

She received a Fulbright scholarship to study in Paris at the Sorbonne and the Grand Chaumier in 1957. She then lived and worked in France for four years, with an ever deepening commitment to the Masters, despite her early immersion in a modern art education.

She continued to find her own connection to Classical painting - in portraiture, still life and landscape. Eventually returning to New york City she resumed her career, adding mural painting to her repertoire.

She is married to the painter, Numael Pulido.

In 1970 the Pulidos moved their studio to Hancock, New Hampshire where Shirley has established a career in portraiture and animal painting, as well as more recently having become a devoted pastelist.

In the 80's, she and her husband took a three year interlude in England where they executed murals and trompe l'oeil.

Shirley Pulido's works are in collections far and wide.